Yu-Gi-Oh! Playing Cards

Keeping on with my most recent post, today we’re taking a look at a pack of poker playing cards. And you guessed it they have a Yu-Gi-Oh! theme. I apologize in advance for a lack of pictures on this post but I don’t have anywhere to take good pictures at the moment.

I found these on Amazon and the same company that sells other themed decks as well and imagine they are all made in China just like my set of playing cards. They are designed in Canada though which is interesting.

Taking a look at the tuck there is no seal of any kind which is fine as the deck comes wrapped in cellophane. The tuck is made out of carboard paper similar to a standard Bicycle tuck box though a touch thinner. Still more than adequate to protect the cards inside. The art on the box is of Yami Yugi and was prominently featured on a popular desktop wallpaper back in the day. Ah, such a long time ago…

On the back of the tuck we get a look at a couple of the face cards and a view of the back which is the same as the front of the tuck.

Sliding the cards out of the tuck you get a whiff of that typical Chinese chemical smell used in whatever process they use to make playing cards over there. They remind me a lot of the smell of the decks produced by the Expert Playing Card Co.

In fact, they feel about the same as well. I was surprised to feel that even with all the ink on the cards they do not slide that particularly well. Even with an air-cushion like finish they feel almost slightly abrasive. Fans are a no go, at least for me. Spreads are OK on a decent mat. Shuffling is fine. I can’t get them to farrow for the life of me.

So, art-wise on the cards they are actually really good. All the images are in full-colour and high quality with the detail I would expect. The deck comes with two jokers and the rest of the cards all have unique faces including such duel monsters as Dark Magician, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Exodia and so many more that you might recognize from the first few seasons of the anime.

Overall, I am happy with the cards though the price is on the high side. Each deck costs 14 to 20 bucks Canadian depending on how Amazon feels that day. I would compare the deck to the custom Bicycle Playing cards you can make with your own images on the backs. They feel about the same and actually now that I have pulled one of the decks out they smell the same too. Similar production process?

Anyways, if you are a true fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! I would recommend this to you. The best part is you don’t have to play Yu-Gi-Oh! with these cards! Poker, Euchre, whatever you like. The possibilities are practically unlimited, when you choose any one of these destinations… wait, uh that’s from something else.

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