Federal 52 2018 Edition

Jackson Robinson is a big name in custom playing cards. Every one of his decks has had incredible success and regularly sell out quickly on Kickstarter or his website.

One of his earliest releases was the Federal 52 Bicycle Branded and unbranded certificate edition decks. They all had incredibly detailed art all done by hand and were received with huge applause from the playing card collecting community. I have reviewed them before on this website. My favourite deck in that series is the undbranded Silver Certificate decks. Absolutely beautiful.

Last year Jackson announced that he was releasing the penultimate edition of the Federal 52 deck. It would be unbranded and bring together all the designs of the original launch decks in to one.

Well guess what I just received in the mail?

Yep, I picked up a couple just to share with you guys.

The decks come wrapped in cellophane which is to be expected from almost any deck nowadays from the USPC who is indeed the company that manufactured the decks.

The tuck box has all kinds of detail on it. The Federal 52 logo is in metallic green and the art is embossed on all sides. The deck is sealed with a plain gold seal which is a little plain for Jackson’s decks but the stark contrast with the seals simplicity is nice. Opening the tuck flap we also see some art on the underside of the flap and the text “In God We Trust”.StandardEdition

Pulling out the cards we are greeted with the “jokers” of the deck which is actually two sides to a large art scene that if you put them side by side you can see the whole piece. The ace of spades has a lot of detail surrounding it but the spade itself is large and plain. The pips on the number cards are all very nice and simple so can be easily used for gaming. The court cards are incredibly detailed and depict a person from United States history. The rest of the aces have a more certificate look than the ace of spades and as such I like a bit more. The two extra card are a double backer and a card telling you who is on the court cards.

There’s a lot of ink on these decks and as such with USPC’s airflow style finish on what I take to be Bee stock (and I have confirmed that from the kickstarter page) feel a bit slippery. They fan and farrow great. Spreading is great and shuffling is fine. They slide great on a card table surface.

Overall this deck is pretty great. Jackson’s decks are always a bit on the expensive side but for all the work he puts in to these decks that doesn’t bother me at all. Totally worth picking up if you can get your hands on them.

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