Baseball Cards Anyone?

I know most of you came here to check out reviews on decks of playing cards. And I promise to get back to those someday (I probably have 400 plus decks on the back burner that really need to be reviewed). But in the meantime, another hobby I have been getting myself back into is collecting baseball cards. I thought some of you may appreciate this so below I have embedded the videos I recently did opening a bunch of late 80’s to early 90’s era baseball card packs. I hope you enjoy and if you like the content let me know in the comments here or on YouTube.

Just so you know, I realise some of these videos have several minutes of nothing at the end. That was an error on my part getting used to using Vegas.

I am no way affiliated with this Ebay seller but if you are interested check out the Ebay listing number 121844803772. The seller is currently away but he had a lot of stock so check it out when he comes back.






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